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Would you like to get that big, produced sound from your band? Ever thought about using click tracks to enhance what you do and give that extra 'wow' factor for the audience? Look no further.

We have a catalogue of standard arrangements with amazing click tracks and sheet music which won't break the bank, but will take your band to the next level.

The Process

Online Meeting


We will take the time discuss fully your requirements. What do you need? What will you use it for? How will you use it? When do you need it? We want to create something that perfectly fits your needs. We will agree a timescale for your project, dependent on the complexity and scope of the project.

We will then start work on the basic arrangement, providing rough tracks and Piano/Vocal sheet music so that we can work together to get it just how you need it, in terms of key, tempo, song structure or any other musical element of your project.

Big Band Sound, Small Band.


Exceptionally crafted tracks. 

We take great pride in the sound of our tracks.

Created using the perfect blend of live instruments and the highest quality samples, our tracks sound full, punchy and authentic.

We produce a full backing track for you, and can tailor your click track mixes to your exact requirements.


Don't believe us? - have a listen to our samples!

Sheet Music Edits

Customisation to suit you.

Whether it's to change the tempo or the key of the track, to cut that extra verse out or add a solo, we can customise our tracks to suit your requirements.

Please get in touch with your requirements!

Guitar Playing

"Easily the clearest, most intuitive band music and click tracks about."

Our sheet music and click track products are, quite simply, the most readable and intuitive on the market.

With clear markings which reflect voice cues on the click tracks including count ins, tempo/time changes and rehearsal marks, your band will be in no doubt as to where they are, and are an absolute breeze to follow.


Audio Samples

Our tracks are built from scratch, recorded in great sounding rooms, with top notch equipment and the best musicians available, and mixed and mastering in our very own mixing suite.

Pop, Rock & Contemporary Samples
00:00 / 05:12
Musical Theatre Samples
00:00 / 05:30
Swing And 'Vegas' Samples
00:00 / 04:16

"The guys at Kicker aren’t just talented musicians, they’re great at putting tracks and scores together that WORK!!"

— Jimmi Clarke, Band Leader and Bassist for Gloria Gaynor

"The sheet music scoring & clicks are very user friendly for any band to use & follow. Can’t recommend highly enough, worth every penny. The guys are ever so friendly and accommodating to deal with, customer service is a very important feature of this company."

— Michelle Batt, Vocalist

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