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Production Process

From concept to delivery

So great to be involved with Kicker Productions . Top quality in everything they do and added bonus of being lovely people . They create a fantastic atmosphere to work and learn in .. and all products can be tailored to your musical requirements . Check them out and get in touch , they’ll be there to help.
Tim Marriott

Professional Drummer

What we provide

Computer-Generated rehearsal tracks within 2 weeks to get your rehearsals underway, which allows us to further tweak keys and tempos as needed.

Guide piano tracks for all of your vocalists as required. Professionally produced, Piano-Vocal sheet music and band parts for your chosen instrument line-up, supplied electronically in PDF, or printed as required.


Band practice tracks for individual musicians to rehearse their parts to the track. Click below to see full backing track formats:

Click to see track formats

Full backing tracks in the following formats:

  • Full backing track with all vocals, for demonstration purposes;
  • Full backing track without live vocals for rehearsal purposes;
  • Click Backing Tracks to suit the live instrument lineup specified;
  • Instrumental group stems for running your show in multitrack if required.
  • All click tracks are easy and intuitive to follow, and reference rehearsal marks, subdivisions for tempo changes, count-ins.

All tracks produced using professional live recorded musicians for Drums, Guitars, Brass, Woodwinds and most percussion.


Timescale is dependent on the scope of the work required, but averages 6-8 week lead time.

We are always available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process. We want to feel like an extension of your production.

Our Five Step Process

We produce the full score of the arrangements for your production, with all instruments required. This process will generally take around two weeks. We will present you with computer-generated backing tracks so that you can review keys, tempos and structure. After any adjustments are made, we will provide you with updated backing tracks which you can use for your rehearsals.

Once you are happy with the format, keys and tempos of the arrangements, We will start producing the tracks, using a perfect blend of live musicians and samples to produce your tracks. The recording process generally takes 2-3 weeks. For the best balance in quality and cost-effectiveness, we generally record the following instruments using live musicians:

  1. Drums, Basses, Guitars
  2. Solo stringed instruments
  3. Brass and woodwind instruments
  4. Most percussion instrument
  5. Vocalists

At this point, we will send you a ‘rough mix’ of your tracks for your approval.

We will complete the final mix of your tracks. This process will take up to two weeks in our professional mixing room.

Once the process is complete, we will deliver your final tracks and sheet music to you, either electronically or via a site visit to check mixes if requested.