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Lady Legs

Over 15 years experience in producing musical arrangements for full production shows, pantomimes and musical revues.

Someone Reading Sheet Music

Exceptionally crafted arrangements 

We take great pride in the sound of our tracks and arrangements,


We work with you from the very beginning to establish your requirements and jointly develop your ideas. All arrangements are orchestrated and scored in house by our Musical Director.

We supply and prepare all of the rehearsal tracks and sheet music that you require from rehearsals to performance, 


The best tracks for your performance

Created using the perfect blend of live instruments and the highest quality samples, our tracks sound full, punchy and authentic.

We have many years of experience in producing tracks that 

We can provide everything from a stereo mix of your tracks to full group stems so that the mix can be adjusted 'on the fly', or to provide 'sick tracks' for performers., and we can support you in the process of implementing these intyour venue.

Gospel Group

Audio Mixing And Design

We will be your one-stop point of call for the audio in your production, from concept to your final performance.

Our experienced mix engineer will mix and master your stems and tracks in our state of the art mixing booth, and then adapt those mixes for your venue.

We can provide consultation on technical specifications in your venue, programme show control and console setup for the end-user,, setting up automation as required.

Concert Hall

Technical Advice and Support

We can make sure that everything runs smoothly technically in your performance, so that you can focus on creativity. We have a wealth of expertise in touring and installed audio equipment, show control and automation systems.

Formal Choir Performance

Location Cast and Performance Recording

We can visit you to undertake recording of your cast, either as reinforcement of the live performance on the track, sick tracks, or for the purposes of recording and selling your performance.

Guitar Playing

Musical Supervision

We can provide consultation and support for using live musicians in your performance, 

We can advise what ensemble would best fit your needs and budget, and can give advice and support in terms of the technical details of in-ear or stage monitoring, and sound reinforcement.

Our Previous Work

The Process

Online Meeting


We will take the time discuss fully your requirements. What do you need? What will you use it for? How will you use it? When do you need it? We want to create something that perfectly fits your needs. We will agree a timescale for your project, dependent on the complexity and scope of the project.

We will then start work on the basic arrangement, providing rough tracks and Piano/Vocal sheet music so that we can work together to get it just how you need it, in terms of key, tempo, song structure or any other musical element of your project.


Audio Samples

Our tracks are built from scratch, recorded in great sounding rooms, with top notch equipment and the best musicians available, and mixed and mastering in our very own mixing suite.

Pop, Rock & Contemporary Samples
00:00 / 05:12
Musical Theatre Samples
00:00 / 05:30
Swing And 'Vegas' Samples
00:00 / 04:16
Traditional Christmas Samples
00:00 / 05:03

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